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Enjoy the soft, soothing sounds of our Tranquil tinnitus sound generators for tinnitus relief.

To achieve tinnitus relief, try a sound generator device from General Hearing Instruments, Inc. These devices produce a soft, soothing noise similar to the sound from a shower head, a fountain or gently falling rain. Our sound therapy products are available in over-the-ear or in-the-ear models and are used for tinnitus relief and hyperacusis management programs. The noise helps reduce the perceived "loudness" of tinnitus. With the loudness of tinnitus reduced, tinnitus becomes less annoying and more manageable. In hyperacusis treatment, the noise is used to "de-sensitize" the central auditory system.  Tranquil is a sound generator for those patients that have normal hearing. It is comfortable, cosmetically appealing and does not fill the ear canal (non-occluding). It can be worn for all daily activity and may be worn while sleeping. Combination devices feature both amplification and a sound generator.


coe-comboTRANQUIL COE (Canal-Open-Ear) 

The Tranquil COE is a custom, in-the-ear tinnitus sound generator. The unique shell design allows the user to hear the sound generator while leaving the ear canal open to hear surrounding sounds in a normal manner.  Custom sound generators can be ordered with either the rotary volume control and one sound profile, or the multi-function toggle with the ability to select from two sound profiles.  Read complete details...


coe-comboTRANQUIL I OTE (Over-The-Ear)

The Tranquil I OTE is a pre-programmed mini-ote tinnitus sound generator that fits behind the ear.  Its lightweight design allows for comfortable, extended use.  The open-ear design of the micro poly-tube allows for perfectly normal hearing of surrounding sounds.  The Tranquil I OTE comes factory preset with 1 sound (broadband white) profile and has a rotary volume control for ease of adjustment.



tinnitus-simplicity-iiTRANQUIL II OTE (Over-The-Ear)

The Tranquil II OTE is a pre-programmed mini-ote tinnitus sound generator that fits behind the ear. Its lightweight design allows for comfortable, extended use. The open-ear design of the micro poly-tube allows for perfectly normal hearing of surrounding sounds. The Tranquil II comes factory preset with 2 sound profiles (broadband white and broadband pink) and has a multi-function toggle controller.  The patient has the ability to not only control the volume of the sound generator but also the sound profile.  Read complete details...


simply-tranquil-iiSIMPLY TRANQUIL ITC (In-The-Canal)

The Tranquil Soft ITC is the only all-soft tinnitus relief device.  This unit can be ordered with either a rotary volume control with one sound profile or a multi-function toggle with 2 sound profiles.  This treatment is preferred by patients who need a reliable sound generator night and day! Many sleep with it. Read complete details...


tinnitus-combo-ricTRIAD RIC (Receiver-In-Canal)

The Triad RIC (receiver-in-canal) combines state of the art broad-band digital signal processing with an extremely flexible sound generator. Read complete details...


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Hearing Organizations

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We have been providing custom hearing aids, tinnitus therapy devices and other hearing related products to the hearing industry since 1985. As an highly innovative company, we have developed and patented several important applications for hearing instruments. We promote the advancement of hearing technology as we fund important research and development work with respected professionals and universities. Our hearing instruments are proudly hand-crafted in the USA. We sincerely hope our products improve the quality of your life!