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Simply Soft Smart Touch Hearing Aid

If you've been missing out on the daily sounds in your life, then let the Simply Soft help you.

The Simply Soft canal hearing aid provides excellent sound reproduction in a virtually invisible mini-canal design. Enjoy the security of hearing others around you throughout the day, no matter where you go! Designed for a mild-to-moderate hearing loss, Simply Soft is manufactured with the same quality components as professionally sold devices.

The patented soft, medical grade silicone body creates a comfortable, fit allowing you to wear all day without ear fatigue. The Simply Soft comfortably slips into your ear creating an acoustical seal that helps to eliminate annoying feedback. Due to its soft nature, Simply Soft constantly flexes inside the ear canal rather than shifting with jaw movement. So there's no need to constantly reposition the device while chewing or talking. The patented soft design is also hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice perfect for sensitive ears. Simply Soft devices comes standard with a premium No-Wax filter system to ensure superior sound performance. Simply Soft comfortably fits both men and women and is available in left, right or pairs (may be sold seperately on some retail sites).

Simply Soft quickly slips into your ear!

Simply Soft Premier/Smart Touch (Digital Hearing Aid)

An advanced, 100% digital mini-canal premium hearing aid that provides quality sound reproduction and speech enhancement in a variety of listening situations. The Simply Soft digital amplification with push-button memory selection lets optimize sound clarity in a wide range of listening situations such as office meeting, shopping, and dining out.

Simply Soft digital features state-of-the-art feedback (whistling noise) and noise management circuitry, and is equipped with an easy to use push-button control that allows you to quickly select from 4 different memories to match various listening environments. You can select a memory program to match virtually any listening situation with a quick press of the memory select button. All memories are factory preprogrammed that range from quiet to very noisy environments that you typically encounter during the day. The easy-to-use memory button is very accessible and includes audible beeps to indicate which memory has been selected.

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The Simply Soft Classic (Analog Hearing Aid)

Features efficient, Class D digital processing circuitry and a manual volume wheel for those who precise control of volume level. This allows you to optimize the level of sound in a wide range of listening situations such as in the office meetings, restaurants, and lstening to TV or radio. Simply Soft Classic/Select has many standards features such as NoWax filter system, hypoallergenic body, premium components and one year warranty.

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